Fashion is constantly changing, and thank goodness for that! If we stayed in the days of bedazzled everything and drawn on eyebrows, I might just have thrown my hands up and resigned myself to become a recluse. But alas, I didn’t have to resort to such drastic measures! 2018 has been a year for the books and I have been really looking forward to closing the year out with a bang. Lush has made it simple and easy to keep my wardrobe looking fabulous with the latest fall 2018 fashion trends. Just because the year is coming to a close doesn’t mean that my closet has to take a back seat. There’s still so much to explore what’s out there! I’ve really been digging different colors and prints, while still staying true to my first love: black. Lush’s selection never disappoints. It gives the right options for ensuring that my fall fashion 2018 is on point. Take a look at what I’ve included and see how you can incorporate these must haves into your style.

This Buttoned Plaid Flowy Midi Skirt (LS30537-I) is everything. It’s super conservative, yet fun and edgy. Throw on a pair of white sneakers, a simple top, and my personal holy grail, go-to… the leather jacket. What more could I ask for in such a cute outfit? This is the type of piece that you could even pair with booties or heels; you seriously can’t go wrong with this skirt. It has just the right length that looks great on anyone’s legs and fits perfectly at the natural waist. The tie adds just a touch of detail that can be shown off as seen in the picture, or discreetly hidden if so desired. This is perfect for holidays, especially if you’re meeting your significant other’s family. It’s totally cute, comfortable, and helps you put your best foot forward. Looking for something a bit more interesting to wear to that interview you have coming up? The answer is here. You have to dress to impress and this skirt doesn’t disappoint.

This piece of perfection is pumpkin spice latte in clothing form. Talk about fall fashion 2018! The Jersey Wrap Style Jumpsuit (P6566-CI) can be worn flawlessly in a myriad of ways. Want to go comfortable? Grab your black or white Chuck Taylors and even a jean jacket with your hair in a messy bun to achieve that effortless look. You could even add some neutral tone flats with a great hat and sunglasses if you’re looking to mix it up. Need to go a bit more chic? Let those natural waves flow with your favorite heels to be looking like and feeling your best self. Feeling edgy? This jumpsuit can handle it. Go get that leather jacket and pick out your best gold jewelry for an unstoppable look. The sleeve and pant leg length are just right, not to mention the tie on the jumpsuit adds the perfect touch to tie everything…literally! It has the perfect placement around the waist to make any figure look flattering.

Looking to keep up with the fall 2018 fashion trends? Different tones and colors are all the rage right now. These Glam Striped Wide Leg Pants (LP21193-CI) are sure to get you started in this adorable trend. The direction of the lines just does me all the favors by slimming me down and helping me not to feel too guilty about that dessert I just couldn’t say no to last night. Pair these amazing pants with another metallic like the shirt pictured here to pull off an effortless edgy-chic look. Metallics can be tricky to keep looking classy. This material won’t fail you – it has just enough sheen to keep it from appearing cheap and yet it doesn’t break your bank. This is a super fun and flirty pant yet versatile at the same time. Scheming on what to wear to that New Year’s Party you’ve already received an invite for? Stop worrying and build an outfit around these pants!

Looking for something to wear when you and bae are planning an evening to stay in and watch old movies while cuddling next the fire? This sweater is a must have. It’s the little details that matter. This Embroidered Detail Oversized Sleeve Sweater (LT13665-S22) proves that point perfectly. The light fringe and just a dash of color add so much to an otherwise simple sweater. Less is definitely more. Wear this with some distressed boyfriend jeans (blue or black) and some slides or flats. Dress is up and layer it with your favorite oversized coat. I’ve been obsessed with retro gold chunky earrings lately and this is the perfect sweater to pair them with. This will soon prove to be your new fall style wardrobe go to.

This Knot Gathered Front Mod Dress (DR95531) is a great example of how versatile wholesale dresses can be. The knot pulls at the natural waist, making any bod look fantastic. Black is the perfect base layer because any accent can be added to create a whole new look. Try an orange or even a brown scarf to show off your fall spirit. A black leather jacket would also be a great addition to this dress, especially since it’s got such a great print. Throw on a pair of block heels to dress is up! Just because cooler weather is here doesn’t mean you can’t show off your legs. It’s the perfect length to show just the right amount. Ready to embrace the weather change? Grab a chunky knitted cardigan to add texture with the super cute polka dots.

Whatever the rest of your 2018 looks like, whether it be chalk full of board meetings and lunch appointments, or brunch with the besties and soaking in all that this season has to offer, Lush is sure to have all your essentials to make sure that you are looking your best, wherever you go.