As we say goodbye to last year and enter the new one, it’s time to seek out the hottest 2018 fashion trends! We’ve got a read on the pulse of the fashion world’s best upcoming fashion trends of 2018. Below is our quick guide where we lay it all out for you:

Apparel Trends

  • Fancy Denim:
    During New York Fashion Week, designers paired jeans (a much-loved street style staple) with evening gowns for a casually elegant look—definitely a major trend to look for this season. Crystal embellishment and touches of luxurious fabrics like satin and sheer lace goes to show you that designers like Alexander Wang and Adam Selman reinvent the fashion wheel again and again.

  • Print:
    Following on from last year, print is still dominating the fashion scene. From trousers and blazers to crop tops and cute skirts, print is everywhere. Black and white checks are dominating this season, but with florals and bold graphics still holding strong, the varieties and choices are endless.

    2018 fashion trends

  • Sequins: 
    This shimmery trend from the 70’s has been seen on every catwalk! Reinvented by the followers of Tom Ford, Gucci, Chanel, Dior and Marc Jacobs, it is not just an evening or party look anymore. Sequins can be paired with any attire to liven it up instantly. There is no better way to glamorously stand out than adding a little bit of sparkly glam. Add sequins to your shiny tops, skirts, headbands, belts, trousers and even shoes.

  • Pastels:
    Seen in Spring 2018 Fashion Shows from designers like Victoria Beckham and J.W. Anderson, soft romantic hues are going to be all the rage in 2018. These gentle yet vibrant tones are not just showing up on formal wear, but also on flirtatious clothes like crop tops and dresses. Subtle and easy on the eyes, pastels work as neutrals that can be paired with almost anything.

    2018 fashion trends

  • Fringe:
    Flirty and fun, fringe is making a delightful comeback. Fringe is an old favorite embellishment loved perennially by designers like Dior, Bottega Veneta and Loewe who have brought it back onto the runway time and time again. From Calvin Klein’s striking, powerful gowns and Salvatore Ferragamo or Marco de Vincenzo’s understated skirts and dresses, to the much more practical and functional blending of fringe with denim pieces by Dior – these designers have put fringe back on the center stage.

  • Plastics:
    As Chanel showed us with its PVC themed runway show, plastics are here to stay. Available in multiple colors, styles, and in different kinds of apparel, they are waterproof—suitable for rain and cold weather. It’s only natural that they were the talking point of London Fashion Week last September.

  • Striking, Bold Colors:
    Used by almost every designer, bold colors are very popular. They can be used to create either a monochrome look or a color blocked outfit. Wearing striking colors will always make a statement and establish your presence. With bright colors ruling the runway across the globe, it’s safe to say that this trend isn’t going away any time soon.

    2018 fashion trends

  • Sheer:
    Sheer has been around for many years now, and it looks like its appeal hasn’t worn through over time. Designers like Jeremy Scott and Jason Wu use it to create looks that are both edgy and delicate. Sheer can add that perfect sexy and sophisticated vibe!

  • Ruffles:
    This romantic trend adds a lovely feminine, yet glamourous touch to any piece of attire, from casual everyday looks to formal evening wear. Seen on Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, and Valentino, the hold this trend has on our hearts won’t be fading anytime soon.

  • Satin:
    This is another opulent look, yet satin is not just restricted to dresses and evening gowns. It is a statement fabric that can elevate even ordinary outfits with a gracious touch that makes it hard to resist. As seen on exquisite creations by Christopher Kane and Simone Rocha during London Fashion Week, satin is going to be sticking around this year too.

Clothes aren’t the only thing that comprise a wardrobe, our 2018 fashion trends list includes accessories too! From dainty to distinctive these statement pieces give the perfect polish to any outfit. Here’s the lowdown:

2018 fashion trends

  • Oversized Jewelry:
    These larger than life pieces go perfectly with any outfit and are a trend to watch for this year. Most of the time they are worn as a statement piece, adding edge to your outfit. There is a definite touch of the 80’s which gives your outfit added oomph, without being too throwback.

  • Studded Shoes:
    From our catwalk observations, studded shoes, also known as “Cinderella Shoes”, are glitzy glam pieces that do wonders for any look. Seen on the runways of Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham, these are worth a shot if you want to liven up your wardrobe.

  • Socks:
    Surprising, we know! While plain tube socks are not the trend, quirky sheer socks are rocking the fashion world. Combining a variety of previously mentioned trends, sheer socks add an unexpected chic element to your footwear, from chunky heels to simple sneakers.

  • Bags: 
    Your arm candy tells a lot about you! While a Gucci or Chanel piece is great hanging off your arm, what’s even better is a handbag, a tote, and a clutch put together. Carrying multiple bags at once is a trend visible on multiple runways, telling us that it is going to be hot in 2018.

Fishnets are also debuting as bags. Fashion houses are working hard to make the fisherman’s tool into a glam carry-on for your daily essentials. These bags are certain to make the fashion world go wild for them.

As 2018 fashion trends are inspired by fashion runways around the globe, not every fashionista can afford these designer wares and quirky pieces. Buying wholesale clothing might be a much more affordable option. That way, you get more choices, varieties, and styles for prices that are within your budget.

Seeing through our crystal ball, we have given you fair warning about the fashion trends of 2018 that will take this year by storm. So, you better had stock up and prepare your closets for a very fashionable 2018!