The best time of year is New Year’s Eve. It’s a time where you can dress up in your favorite attire and hit the town, or even a small family party, and not feel overdressed. Whether you go for sparkle or you’re more of a comfort-loving girl, don’t worry there is a perfect dress just right for you!

If you’re going out clubbing with your best friends or if you’re staying in for a chill night, you want to feel ready to hit the New Year with style! What better way to do this than putting on one of your gorgeous cocktail dresses, some heels, and a nice statement necklace?

New Year’s Eve dresses shouldn’t be a hassle. You should find what you want without stress or worry, yet, we often find ourselves in tricky situations in which we have to wear something we would rather not. That’s exactly why we’ve created this list of the best dresses that you can strut your stuff in this Winter. Wow the party, get heads turning, and have all eyes on you with a piece that flatters your figure and flaunts your style.

The only thing better than buying a new outfit for an occasion is getting to wear it! Shine bright with a gorgeous dress that all your friends will love. Also, if you’re looking for a handsome partner to whisk you away, getting dressed up during a time like this will definitely WOW them!

A Red Classic

Nothing says New Year’s Eve quite like a long, red dress. Red is the color of the season (along with pink!) and arriving in anything that boasts the color will surely get everyone’s attention at the party you’re going to. It’s elegant and chic but the cut-out parts make it edgy and slightly more daring. This is the look you want to go for if you have a girly style but want to bare some skin and dance the night away.

Pair with some black or sparkly silver heels if you’re feeling extra adventurous. If you’re going to wear accessories then make sure they match, although both red and pink are colors of the season, you don’t want to mix them together – that’s just not right! You want to make sure your favorite dress is matched with shoes and accessories of the same color, it’ll make you stand out and feel great. If you’re attending an event somewhere that’s slightly colder and you need to stay warm, then pair this dress with a little beige wrap or jacket.

new years eve dresses

Be a Print Princess

Are you feeling more daring than plain red? Do you want to stand out and show the world what animal you love the most? A print dress is exactly what you need to try. Despite many people claiming animal prints left fashion years ago, say hello to a whole new world of dressing to impress.

We’ve been seeing so many different print dresses on and off the catwalks recently with designers claiming they’re now totally in. You’ve got nothing to worry about if you pop into one of these beautiful dresses, they’ll definitely suit you. Make your look even edgier by wearing the ultimate pair of over-the-knee boots and maybe rock some large hoop earrings too. You’re sure to feel super confident and edgy in your new attire. This beautiful dress really changes it up with a low-cut front and long sleeves, it’s ideal for going out on a chilly New Year’s Eve night. Some may even say it’s the one of the most perfect New Year’s Eve dresses you’ll get your hands on this year.

new years eve dresses

Stay a Little Casual

For an occasion that doesn’t require your heels to come out of the closet, maybe try a knit wrap dress. It might not be your typical New Year’s Eve outfit but it’s definitely something that will allow you to feel comfortable and get a few compliments from people who see you wearing it. It’s such a versatile dress that you don’t need to worry if people will like it, there’s nothing to not like!

Who said you can only wear cocktail dresses for the new year? Not us! We think you should totally rock whatever you feel comfortable in, and if you need to stay warmer on New Year’s Eve then this might be the perfect piece for you. Pair it with some tights and maybe ankle boots (if you’re staying casual) or dress it up with some black heels. It’s a simple yet effective clothing item that you’ll be able to wear again, no matter what the occasion! Don’t be afraid to add a statement necklace of any kind, add a pop of color by wearing some bright orange earrings, or apply some red lipstick to bring the whole outfit together.

new years eve dresses

Wow with Velvet

We understand velvet isn’t everyone’s first choice but for some, it’s their go to and it looks great! Do you want to be the one in the room everyone is staring at? This piece is probably the edgiest and most daring out of all the outfits discussed. It has lacey black details and thin, red velvet straps. It’s a slinky, sexy piece no one will forget.

You don’t need to worry about impressing anyone in this dress, you’ve already got it covered. It’s one of the most perfect cocktail dresses around and it’s not a New Year’s Eve party look you’ll want to forget. Add a silk black shawl if you’re cold during the night, and pair it with your favorite pair of flats or heels, if you’re going dressy.

All of these New Year’s Eve dresses are versatile and can be styled so that they suit you, so don’t worry if you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. A lot of the times, the best memories are those that are remembered for being glam, chic, and a little out of your comfort zone. Try something new this New Year’s Eve and buy an outfit you might not normally! For the best selection of holiday ready wholesale dresses, update your stock this season with Lush Clothing.

new years eve dresses