Birthdays are the perfect excuse to celebrate with friends, be decadent for a day, and go a little wild! Once a year, we get a day to celebrate growing older and wiser. Since life often requires us to spend time caring for the needs of others, it’s important to make your birthday all about you, even if it’s only for a few hours. We hear a lot about self love and self care these days, and a birthday is the time to put these principles into practice. Spend a day doing whatever you like and treating yourself well. Plus, your birthday is the perfect excuse to get a new outfit. Since this day marks the beginning of a new year of your life, make sure you start the new chapter off by looking and feeling your best. If you’ve been feeling like it’s time to shake up your style, a birthday is a great opportunity to debut an upgraded you. There are lots of options for celebrating, so we’ve got a list of birthday outfit ideas for every occasion! Read on for some style inspiration.

What to Wear to a Bar

what to wear to a bar

Going out for birthday drinks is a classic move. It’s easy to plan and get all your friends together to celebrate. If you’re going to a bar on your birthday, you’ll want your look to be fairly casual but you should still stand out since you’re the birthday girl! We’re loving this sassy striped knit pant and crop top combo for a look that’s easy to wear but makes a statement. What to wear to a bar really depends on what type of location you’re headed to. This outfit would be perfect for going to a hip dive bar or craft brewery. It’s super comfy, so if the bar turns into the club and the drinks turn into dancing all night, you’re good to go. We’d add a long cardigan or cropped denim jacket, chunky platforms, and some fun jewelry for a funky fresh vibe.

what to wear to a bar

What to wear to a bar that’s a little more upscale? If your vibe is more candlelight and cocktails, a jumpsuit is a classy but cute look. This rose tie-front jumpsuit has just the right amount of detail in the embroidered eyelet sleeves to be eye catching and make this a celebration worthy outfit. We’d pair it with flat or low heeled sandals and dainty jewelry. Jumpsuits are the ultimate look for when you want a modern version of looking feminine. It has all the elegance of a dress, but the utility of pants, perfect for girls of today who can really do it all.

What to Wear to Dinner

what to wear to dinner

If your plans include a birthday dinner, this navy button front dress is an ideal option. The wrap skirt and neckline are figure flattering without being revealing, so if you’re attending a slightly more formal event with family, this works perfectly. Since navy is a neutral, you can add a pop of color with your shoes or accessories. Navy looks great with bold bright hues like lemon yellow, cherry red, or leaf green.

What to Wear to Brunch

what to wear to brunch

Brunch is a great way to celebrate your birthday, especially if bottomless mimosas are involved. This bird print romper is super fun and has a slight vintage pajama vibe, which makes it perfect for brunch. We love rompers because they make putting together an outfit a breeze, which is appreciated if you’re not a morning person and showing up to an early event like brunch looking fabulous is quite a feat. With an eye catching print like this, you don’t have to put too much thought into styling or accessories and you’ll still turn heads. We’d add some cute slip on sneakers or ankle boots to complete the look.

What to Wear on an Adventure

What to Wear on an Adventure

Maybe you’re not feeling dinner and drinks this year, and that’s more than ok! Birthdays are all about staying true to yourself. Going on an adventure is great way to clear your mind and reset for the next year of your life. There are lots of options in this category, maybe you’ve been saving up and can buy yourself tickets to a dream destination as a birthday present. Maybe you and your best friend can take a spontaneous road trip. With a celebration like this, the experience is more important than the clothes you wear, but don’t forget you’ll want to take photos, so we recommend packing some cute, casual, and comfy outfits. A raw hemmed oversized denim shirt and cutoff shorts give the vibe of effortless coolness, for that true laid back adventurer feel. We love an oversized shirt like this because it’s so versatile and works for everything from a swim cover up to a defacto jacket.

We hope our roundup looks has inspired you! No matter how you choose to celebrate your birthday, looking your best will help you feel your best! Our birthday outfit ideas are just a guide, so follow whatever inspires you. People have been celebrating birthdays since the time of ancient Egypt, so by living it up on your special day, you’re following a long line of history. Whether it’s sipping cocktails with your friends or heading on a wild solo adventure, there’s no wrong way to do a birthday, as long as you do something to make your day special. For the best birthday looks, Lush Clothing has a prime selection of women’s tops, bottoms, dresses, and outerwear for the day to day and all special occasions.