There’s so much to love about fall: leaves turning, yummy desserts that only emerge once a year, and a whole new wardrobe to feast my eyes upon. Yet, I always seem to struggle with the balance of a summer look and a winter look. It’s either tank tops and sandals or parkas and boots. I love both pieces but what about when it’s not the time for either?! Drum roll please… introducing, the cardigan. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “What’s so special about cardigans?” I won’t lie; I’ve had similar thoughts myself. However, these cardigan outfits from wholesale clothing distributors like Lush are incredible. They prove just how versatile, yet stylish, cardigans can be. Need something to bundle up with on your morning commute? It’s here. Or perhaps something to add to a simple outfit that you love but needs some sprucing. We’ve got that too. Below you’ll find a few of my favorite cardigans from Lush that will make your fall wardrobe transition woes disappear.

This Striped Belted Kimono (T14376-CI) may be a cousin of the cardigan, but let me tell you why it belongs in your closet this fall: This piece is super versatile. It’s professional, yet chic. Need something to spice up your outfit for your monthly board meeting? Look no further. Want to breathe some fresh air into a simple outfit that needs some changing up? You got it! It’s the perfect go-to when going to brunch with your girls or needing to run some errands. Pair this with a simple tee and your favorite jeans with some slides or booties. If you’re feeling more adventurous, pop on a pair of strappy heels. This is a great sweater to dress up or down, depending on your mood. Throw a pop of warm tones in there for some great fall loving, such as red wine, rust, or even deep yellow. Who says a little black dress can’t have a sidekick? Throw this baby on and you’re the talk of the town.

Cardigans are the perfect transition into fall because its not quite winter, yet we all need something to encourage the cold weather, am I right? This Darling Floral Embroidered Balloon Sleeve Cardigan (LT13510-S26) is the perfect accessory for this fall. The extra-embroidered sleeves add texture and detail to an otherwise simple outfit. Layering over solid colors gives a summer outfit a new look in the fall. Some may think that white is a no-no after Labor Day, however, the embroidery and knit texture beg to differ. Pair long cardigan outfits like this with some distressed jeans and a cute top and you’re set. And who doesn’t love pockets on literally any article of clothing? I know I do! Cardigans are the perfect comfy grab-and-go articles of clothing while still looking professional if you need to.

This beautiful cardigan literally screams fall. The colors of the Flowy Knee Length Cardigan (T14285B) can say comfy casual or professional workday. Throw on your favorite jeans with some slides and your hair in a low messy bun or try on your favorite high waisted pant with a white lacey top with a black pointed toe shoe. Cardigan outfits like this one could be for work or even just for around the town. Not digging something fitted around your waist? That’s me most of the time. Dig out your best leggings with some knee high boots with a heel. This is a great weight for a transition piece because it’s lightweight, yet is still long in the length and sleeves. And don’t forget Tan when he gave us the best advice for 2018 fashion trends : “French tuck!”

For all my gals in the places where fall means business, this is the cardigan for you. This Soft Chenille Knit Open Front Cardigan (LT13554-S01) is the ultimate grab and go of the season. Talk about comfort meeting fashion! We’ve all had those mornings where no matter how much time we tell ourselves we have, there just doesn’t seem to be enough to around. This cardigan is a great piece to add that touch of professionalism, yet comfort. Traveling this fall? This is the jet setting must have. There’s nothing worse than hearing your teeth chatter for 5 hours straight because the airplane seems to have dropped below zero degrees. That, my friend, is a problem of the past. Throw this around your waist as you cruise through those pesky security lines and you’re set. Pair this with jeans, your best slides and a handbag with a touch of color. Some stacked necklaces would be the finishing touch in this effortless, yet put together look.

This piece is a great way to let your wardrobe know that is fall is coming. Fall can be tricky at times with the huge weather change that the day can go through: frigid in the morning hours, what feels like temperatures over 90 by noon, and then back down to the single digits by 6pm. Who has time to pack for such a day when they leave the house? I know I don’t. Introducing the Sheer Knit Open Front Cardigan (T9051G). Just heavy enough to keep you warm during the morning rush, yet light enough to keep you from breaking a sweat during your lunch meeting. Looking for something to wear on the weekend? Pair this with some leggings and your Uggs to keep it comfy and casual. Throw your hair up in a messy bun with your best fall scarf to soak in all those yummy fall vibes. Roll up the sleeves to give these long cardigan outfits a whole different look! When it comes to jewelry, small is best: small hoops, a few stackable bracelets or even a great watch. Keep it clean, keep it classy.

 Whether your fall weather means the onset of snow or just cloudy days ahead, these cardigans are sure to help you transition into the coming season by keeping your closet fun, fashionable, and fresh.