What should I wear today? This is a question that, without a doubt, all girls ask themselves most mornings. It becomes even more of a dilemma with winter fast approaching, as it can get difficult to plan cute winter outfits when you also have to think of the cold weather and possible snow. But really, who says you can’t be cute while all cozy and covered up, right? If you know how to dress for cold weather and you have the right winter staples in your wardrobe, you can get creative with a few easy tips and tricks.

Read on for a quick guide to winter dressing, plus a selection of cute winter outfits that we think you should have in your closet.


Dressing for the Winter Season

  1. Layer like a pro. During the winter months, warmth and comfort are your top priorities when dressing for the cold weather. The trick to cloaking yourself against spiteful weather conditions is to master the art of layering. Wearing layers of clothing is guaranteed to give you that much-needed warmth, and choosing comfortable fabrics will keep you cozy all day long. The great thing about layering is that you can simply peel off the outer layers once the temperature rises. Also, think fashionable layering — there is no need to sacrifice fashion for utility when bulking up!
  2. Boot up for the season. When fall starts setting in, we all gently tuck away our strappy heels and sexy sandals in favor of the ankle boots. Although this doesn’t mean you never wear them any more during the colder months of the year, boots are just a lot more practical for your everyday use, especially on your daily walks to work. They keep your feet warm and protect them from the horrors of wet and slushy winter weather.
  3. Get those knits out. “What should I wear today?” you ask yourself for the nth time. Well, in winter, there is one quick and easy answer. Knits! Time to whip out the warm and cozy knitwear from your closet and put them to good use. Better yet, grab some trendy new knits for your chic winter wardrobe.
  4. Accessorize for winter. We’re talking scarves, gloves, hats, earmuffs — your typical winter arsenal. Amp up the style factor by going for unique, trendy pieces. A vintage printed scarf or a statement winter hat will instantly elevate a simple cold-weather outfit into an ultra-chic winter ensemble.


Cute Winter Outfits for Your Wardrobe

Now that you are armed with a few quick tips on dressing for the cold weather, it is time for the fun part! With these cute and comfy outfit ideas for your winter wardrobe, we hope you’ll never have to ask yourself “What should I wear today?” over and over again!

  1. The Timeless Denim Jacket

    The Timeless Denim Jacket The Timeless Denim Jacket

    There is no denying the all-season versatility of a good denim jacket. It goes with practically any style of clothing. Wear it over a cute dress, a chic blouse-and-skirt ensemble, or a comfy shirt and jeans. For when the weather gets really cold, layer an oversized denim jacket over a knitted sweater for extra warmth.

  2. The Quintessential Long Coat

    The Quintessential Long Coat The Quintessential Long Coat The Quintessential Long Coat

    The long jacket or coat is the one winter clothing you just can’t live without. Wear these winter outfits with jeans for a cool and casual vibe, or layer over a silk blouse and dress pants for a sleek and tailored look. Subtle-yet-delightful details like statement sleeves, unique cuts, and one-of-a-kind cuffs add trendy points to your overall ensemble.

  3. The Statement Blazer

    The Statement Blazer The Statement Blazer

    A blazer is another great outfit piece that you can layer over other pieces of clothing to keep yourself warm in the winter cold. Get all trendy with a warm blazer in riveting fuchsia. If classic black is more your style, look for interesting accents like strategic cutouts and accessorize with a colorful scarf. For increased warmth, add a knit hat or beanie. Switch out the strappy heels with classy ankle boots and greet the winter in style!

  4. The Must-Have Suede Jacket

    The Must-Have Suede Jacket

    What’s an outfit that is warm and trendy all at the same time? A suede jacket. Better yet, how about we make that a suede-plus-knit combo? Channel the ‘70s trend in this warm, one-of-a-kind piece for your winter fashion collection.

  5. The Comfy Knit Cardigan

    The Comfy Knit Cardigan

    What did we say about knitwear? Knitted pieces are sure to be your go-to outfits for the winter, and with the current oversized knitwear trend, you are free to go all out with your favorite knitted sweaters this season. Layer a loose-fitting knit cardigan over your warm, comfy tops and beloved denims and get cozy in the cold weather.

  6. The Singular Sweater Dress

    The Singular Sweater Dress

    Who says you can’t go ultra-sexy in a knitted sweater dress? Don’t count sweaters out of your winter date outfit ideas just yet. With this trendy distressed back sweater dress and a few stylish accents, you can totally wow your date. Cinching the waist with a wide belt shows off your curves, and over-the-knee boots keep your legs warm in the cold. If it gets really cold, you can wear comfy tights under your boots and layer a cool denim jacket over your outfit and still stay cute!

  7. The Perfect Red Pants

    The Perfect Red Pants

    Women’s pants are some of the best outfit pieces to wear in the winter. Their perfect length helps keep the cold away, and some flared styles give you the opportunity to layer with tights or leggings underneath for extra warmth. For an uber-trendy winter outfit, try holiday red pants paired with a cozy knit top. Plus, the high waist design gives you a long-legged look without being skintight.

  8. The Stylish Ruffled Pants

    The Stylish Ruffled Pants

    Ruffles are so in this year. What could be a more awesome way to rock out the trend this winter than in this chic pair of pants? The ribbed design gives you a comfortable fit, and the flared ruffles make you feel like sashaying down the street in style. Layer up with a cozy knit cardigan or long coat when the cold sets in, and perhaps pair with some lovely heeled shoes or trusty boots for wet days.

  9. The Trendy Floral Pants

    The Trendy Floral Pants The Trendy Floral Pants

    Wrap your legs in oh-so-trendy florals for a snazzy winter outfit. Wear with your favorite knit tops and layer with your choice of jacket, blazer, or coat to get all snug and warm against the cold. Complete the trendy winter look with a pair of cute ankle boots.