You know that feeling… when you seriously just want to throw on a white t-shirt and pair of shorts (practically every day, I know) – yet, you kinda sorta want to look slightly more stylish and/or dressed up? Introducing, the garment that has been around for thousands of years. So technically I’m not introducing anything new. And don’t worry, I’m not about to give a history lesson right now. But seriously, the prettiest and chicest look to pull off this summer is undeniably the kimono cardigan. As soon as you learn the ins and outs of how to wear a kimono, you’ll want to stock your up closet.


I can’t help but thank the fashion gods for making the kimono trend so accessible this season. It is ridiculously versatile. I love that it has exceeded the bounds of traditional floral prints and slid its way into the plaid and stripe variations. And it really raises that outfit meter up a notch, a huge notch. And with such little effort. You know when your eyes intently follow that super stylish girl with a certain je ne sais quoi walking by? Chances are, she was just wearing a white t-shirt, denim shorts, and put on a kimono. It’s that good.


The fact that you can literally wear a kimono cardigan with anything is probably its biggest forte. It doubles as a cover-up over a bikini… Works as a nice light jacket over a slip dress… Something to wear with your bralette and high waisted pants when you think it might be a little bit too risqué… and my personal fave (as mentioned above), over a t-shirt and shorts. It also creates the perfect airport outfit – and not only because it looks so unbelievably put together – but because it’s lightweight and comfy (so ideal for traveling). When you learn how to wear a kimono, you’ll have so many bomb outfit options.


And considering the various lengths and prints – it’s genuinely reasonable to have more than just one (and avoids the “you have something just like that” comment altogether). We’ve curated our favorite few for you. I gotta say, I’m really drawn to the longer duster lengths right now… because I can already see it go seamlessly from summer to fall without much thought. And I aint gonna lie, that visual of the kimono billowing behind me as I do a runway walk just about anywhere had me twenty minutes ago. Wear it now. Wear it good.

kimono cardigan kimono cardigan

kimono cardigan kimono cardigan

kimono cardigan