Sweater weather is here, and it’s the perfect time to get in on the oversized knit sweaters trend that has been all over the runways this year! Yes, the latest fashion trends are all about size and volume. Oversized clothing, voluminous sleeves, folds and layers – you name it. Sleek silhouettes have stepped aside to make way for comfortable layers in time for the fall and winter months.


Women’s Sweater Styles: A Quick Overview

  1. Pullover

    Every woman probably already has one or two sweaters in her closet. The most common style of sweater would be the pullover, and this is likely what most women already own. It typically has a crewneck and regular ribbed cuffs, and can be worn in a variety of casual occasions or when you just want to chill at home with a cup of hot chocolate.
  2. Cardigan

    One other popular option is the cardigan sweater. Cardigans are favored because they are easier to put on or take off; you can throw one over a blouse or shirt for going out in the cold, and easily shrug out of it when going indoors where it’s warmer. Cardigans are super casual and cozy so it’s ideal for those winter days. 
  3. Turtleneck

    Next you have the turtleneck. It is perfect for cold, outdoor weather. It keeps your neck warm and can be layered with other outerwear for extra warmth. A variation of this is the mock turtleneck, which simulates a turtleneck style, but the collar is shorter and not fully folded over like the traditional turtleneck, it can also be draped instead of fitted around the neck so that it hangs in stylish folds over the collarbone.
  4. V-neck

    As straightforward as its name, V-neck sweaters are your regular sweaters with a V neckline instead of the more common crewneck. This is a flattering style for women and can be dressed up for dinner dates, upscale hangouts, or corporate meetings.
  5. Poncho

    Deviating from the regular sweater styles is the poncho sweater. It looks like the typical poncho, but its knitted fabric makes it an ideal (and fashionable!) cold-weather garment that can be worn even in formal affairs.

These are just five of the popular sweater styles for women. With the latest fashion trends, many variations of these popular styles have been adopted by fashion icons and street style stars everywhere.

With that said, read on for some sample looks to tickle your fashion-forward senses for the winter season!  


Sweater Style Ideas

neutral V-neck knit sweater

Oversized knit sweaters in light neutral tones are perfect for matching with dark-colored jeans. Wear this neutral V-neck knit sweater over black skinny jeans and finish off with a pair of sexy sandals for a casual-but-ready-to-party look.

When winter sets in, switch out the strappy heels for a pair of knee-high boots and accessorize with a scarf for added warmth.

Quick style tip: Going sleek or skinny on the bottom half of your outfit balances the look, especially when you’re wearing a baggy, supersized sweater.


trendy winter outfit for work

Looking for a smart and trendy winter outfit for work? This chic contrast tip turtleneck is for you. The white sweater stays clean and elegant while the black accents add a slightly playful touch without going informal. Black skinnies complement the sweater accents and keep the smart, monochrome color coordination. The cropped cut of the jeans and the ankle boots gives the outfit a casual office vibe. For dressy settings, change the cropped jeans and boots to wide leg pants and heels

Quick style tip: Knit sweaters are typically made in solid, neutral colors. Play around with monochrome shades likes blacks and greys, or take advantage of fall colors like browns and earth tones.




oversized knit sweaters

What’s so awesome about oversized knit sweaters? They’re so long and roomy, you can wear them as dresses! This works especially well for petite ladies because the sweater length would likely reach to just above the knees. However, taller women can also get away with this by pairing the sweater with thigh-high or over-the-knee boots to counter the no-pants effect. But we’re talking about winter here, right? For the colder months, layering is a must! You can wear a body-hugging short dress or slip under your oversized sweater, and tights or thick stockings under your boots. You can even layer tights, socks, and boots over each other for even more warmth!


latest fashion trends

Of course, sweaters don’t all come in muted tones. Get ready to face winter in blazing, playful red! To make this cozy sweater the centerpiece of your outfit, pair it with faded denim. Be extra trendy in a pair of cropped flares and brown platforms. Remember to stay light and neutral on the bottom and draw the eye up to that beautiful red knit. Do you find red too bold? Try the mauve knit for a classy look. In contrast to the light color of the sweater, opt for cropped denim in a darker wash. Complete the look with sexy, strappy sandals.

Quick style tip: Try to incorporate other season trends into your outfit. For example, pink and red are two of the favorite colors among the latest fashion trends.

This winter, knit sweaters are not only fashionable but also essential as we all endeavor to keep ourselves warm and comfy in the cold weather. But who says you can’t be all bundled up and fashionably trendy at the same time? For cute and trendy easing-into-winter outfits, check out this stone-grey cross back sweater. The cute and quirky collar detail makes this one-of-a-kind, cozy sweater your perfect companion for casual winter days. Wear it with shorts for a lazy day indoors, or with comfy skinny jeans for going-out days. Scale it up with dress pants, killer heels, and a long statement necklace for a dinner party.

oversized cardigan

We’ve done cute and warm. How about sexy and warm? Well, we have that covered too. A comfy, oversized cardigan can offer that needed warmth without completely covering up that sexy silk blouse you have on, or that slinky dress you’ve been so looking forward to wearing. I mean, who doesn’t love wholesale sweaters!


A Few Final Tips

To make sure that your favorite knitted garments remain in top shape and can last for several seasons, some care tips must be kept in mind. Here are a few to start with:

  • - Whether they’re your everyday sweaters or one-of-a-kind branded knits, always read the label. How many pieces of clothing have been ruined because people forget to read the care instructions on the label? This information can save you loads of time and eliminates any further stress from incorrect care procedures.
  • - Use cleansers that are specifically designed for knitted fabrics. Using just any cleanser can stain or wash out the fabric.
  • - Air-drying is recommended because machine dryers can potentially shrink the knitted fabric.
  • - Never hang knitted sweaters to dry or in storage. Because knitted fabrics are soft and stretchy, putting them on hangers can cause them to stretch unnaturally and lose their original form.