Oscar de la Renta said it best when he said: "Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." Preach it brother! And as liberating as that quote is, I’ll be honest – it’s a bit daunting too! I mean I can read fashion blog after fashion blog, flip through countless magazines and catalogs and still not feel confident about my style. But that’s all about to change. Finding your personal style is exactly as de la Renta said: “Being yourself!” We come in all different shapes and sizes, have a wide variety of tastes, and that’s what makes fashion one of the best industries out there. If we all wore the exact same thing and didn’t put our own personal flair or spin on it, where would the passion be? These simple outfits are great starts to guiding you in finding your personal style. Wholesale clothing gives you so many options without over complicating things – simple style is best. That way, you can add whatever you need to make the outfit unique, one of kind; whatever you need to make the outfit you.

Let’s start with this Button Down Midi Dress (DR95459-S15). The cut of the dress is just to die for. The button down front with the pocket adds a whole lot of dimension to the dress. Pair it with a pair of slides to get through the morning work rush or some chunky heels for grabbing dinner with your bestie. This goes flawlessly with some pointy glasses which are so in this season, along with your trusty hoop earrings – big or small! Throw your hair in a slick back low bun or let your hair down with some flowy beach waves. When wearing a color such as rust or pumpkin spice, you can never go wrong with neutrals to tie this outfit together. Or let yourself go bold! Oranges compliment great with blue hues – try a cool turquoise to mix things up a bit.

Next, let’s move on to this Shoulder Strap Buttoned Midi Skirt (LS30538-CI) and Ribbed Stripe Long Sleeve Top (T14459): the turtleneck screams Jackie Burkhart from That 70’s Show. What’s not to love about her?! It’s giving me major fall vibes. With this outfit, the perfect hair would be the icon look of Farrah Fawcett. This outfit with a pair of little open toe heels or even slides would be perfect. Because of the unique cut of the skirt, it fits everyone a bit differently, but in all the best ways, highlighting your best features. This is bound to be your next fall back on-the-go outfit, whether you’re jut out and about or a young new hip mom. Keep it cool, hip, and comfy for this fall.

Up next we have this Striped Hem Cardigan (LT13681-S01). With your Starbucks fav in your hand and your boss attitude that’s ready for whatever the day brings your way, you’re ready to go. Who says being in charge means you can’t be comfortable at the same time? Pair this with your trusty high waisted jeans that fit just right and pair of neutral tone flats and you’re destined to have the perfect day. Dress it up with some brown strappy heels or go edgy with a pair of knee high leather boots. Add some texture to the outfit with a leather gold chain cross body bag. Keep the accessories small and dainty – this sweater doesn’t need much to make sure you’re looking your best!

This is one of my personal favorites for this fall: Lace Skirt (LS30477-S22). This lace see through skirt with shorts underneath is most definitely one of the top 2018 fashion trends. If you have a special event coming up, this would be perfect if you’re looking to turn some heads. The shorts make you feel comfortable (because who wants to spend a long evening wishing they were wearing something different?) yet confident to whatever event you’re going to. The lace dresses it up and makes all your natural sexiness shine. Throw on a simple pair of strappy black high heels or try a stand out piece and rock a bold heel. Don’t have any black tie events to sport this to on the horizon? Dress this down with a leather jacket, tiny sunglasses, and a pair of white sneakers. The crop top is perfect when trying to aim to have that perfect space between the skirt and the shirt – just enough skin between the two to separate both. When choosing your hairstyle, go wet: sleek and pulled back like the classic European bun. Add your best smoky eyes and nude lip and you’ll be unstoppable!

Last but certainly not least, we have this Buttoned Draped Hem Blouse (T14141-I). Simple outfits like this prove that the boho feel-good vibe transitions perfectly into fall. The long sleeves have just the right amount of busy going on, without making your eyes dizzy. With the layered pieces at the bottom and the pink flowers scattered all over, this top will prove to be a staple in your closet. Pair this with your favorite light washed mom jeans and you’re set! Mix it up a little and throw on a cute black skirt with black stockings with some booties if you’re looking for a blustery weather brunch option. Throw on a fedora with a messy bun and some eclectic chunky earrings for that hassle free look.

And when all else fails, just remember our good friend Oscar: it’s all about being yourself. It gets to be so easy to get caught up in what we think we should be wearing that sometimes we lose sight of what style is all about. There is no replacement for being true to yourself and your clothes are a great way to show that. Take any of these gorgeous pieces, use them as your canvas, and paint your masterpiece of your beautiful self with whatever you need to let your style shine through!