As we say goodbye to hot summery days, we welcome new trends for fall and winter. We swap shorts for long pants, and lightweight tops for jackets and sweaters.

Last year, fall and winter were all about dark floral prints, warm tones, and jackets layered over dreamy dresses. This year, designers are creating new, innovative looks and pieces that set the tone for the fashion season ahead. With these emerging trends, and temperatures getting cooler and cooler, we are left wanting more. Peek into our picks for fall, to get you, and your closet, ready for the coming season.


You heard it, ruffles are still in. Ruffled shirts and skirts have been dominating both luxury and fast fashion, but now we’re seeing brands using the look on dresses, and even as an accessory, turning even the most basic garments into wearable pieces of art.

Pair a ruffled, red dress with some converse for a more casual, everyday look, or with a pair of heels to hit the town. The possibilities that ruffles bring to your wardrobe are endless.



Many designers have been displaying their adaptations of mesh dresses, skirts, and even elaborate coats. From totally transparent to the darker, less revealing mesh, every outfit is completely different and unique, making this trend that much more exciting.

This season is all about standing out, so instead of playing it safe with a grey or black sweater, try a mesh one. Still not sure this trend is for you? Try layering your favorite top over a long sleeve mesh blouse for the hints of detail without the commitment.



We’ve talked about them before, and we will talk about them again! Bodysuits are taking the fashion industry by storm. They’re essentially all-in-one tops that create a tucked in effect with high waisted skirts or pants. Bodysuits come in all different colors, prints, shapes and sizes so you don’t need to worry about finding one to your taste.

Although typically thought of as a summer piece, designers have been using bodysuits on the catwalk paired with coats and scarves, showing they can definitely be incorporated into your winter wardrobe.


Lace-Up Details

A staple in the industry, lace-up became popular mainly in the 90’s and has crept its way back into popular fashion. Having lacing detail on any piece not only adds interesting detail to any look but is an easy way to edge up your wardrobe during the colder months.

Try throwing on an oversized sweatshirt with lacing detail across the back, or joggers that lace up the leg for an effortless, and on trend look.