So here is the situation: Temperatures are rising. Sand, sunscreen, and salty air are calling you which can only mean one thing: Cruise Season!! Your best friend shoots you a text telling you that she has already booked the tickets and you’re bound for a long 5 day weekend of nothing but pure relaxation and tropical adventure when it hits you: “I have no long summer dresses.”

Well FEAR NOT because this exact situation happened to me, and I had no idea what to do until I discovered some pretty fantastic Maxi dresses that were the perfect touch to a wardrobe that was in desperate need of an update. These dresses will go a long way toward helping your wardrobe reach that perfect summer potential. They are sexy and versatile, but also light an airy enough to ensure that you will be comfortable in all possible situations.

Summer maxi dresses are perfect for all occasions because they are practically the swiss army knife of any woman’s summer wardrobe. Not only can you wear them for your little niece’s tea party themed 4th birthday party – I’m looking at you Mackenzie, those little kid sized crumpets and watered down tea was delicious – you can also wear them at the beach, the grocery store, while you’re driving, meeting the love of your life, dancing like a fool on the dance floor, and even in more formal situations like weddings. Versatility is one of the greatest things about these dresses, I mean, of course they are flow-y and summer-y, but they are also great for all seasons and vacations.

Of course, not only can you wear these long summer dresses for all sorts of occasions, but you can also accessorize in all sorts of ways around them in order to get the perfect look you want. From a messy bun, to wearing your hair down and from no jewelry to diamond encrusted necklaces, these types of dresses are always a staple of any woman’s wardrobe that can be used for all possible reasons. Anywho, where was I? Why am I talking about dresses again? Oh yeah: The Dreaded Five Day Cruise! (cue the dramatic organ: dun dun DUUNNNNNNNN!)

I can hear all those questions ringing in your head now: “What am I going to do? Where will I go? What kinds should I buy? Do I dress up for the cruise, or do I dress down? What kinds of prints and patterns should I get? How many is too many? What if I don’t have enough dresses for the whole trip?” To which I say: take a deep breath and calm yourself down because I’m going to lay it all out for you, nice and easy.

So how I am going to break it down is this: I have picked the perfect 5 Summer Maxi dresses, 1 dress for everyday of that 5 day summer cruise, that are not only light and airy, but are extremely versatile to give you maximum control. I have paired each dress with each day of a 5-day cruise and the events that could possibly take place on those specific days. By the end of all of this, you will know exactly what to wear on a cruise. Think of me as the fairy godmother to your cruise season, summer dress needing Cinderella, only instead of using a magic wand, I’m going to offer you 5 wholesale dresses from Lush Clothing as some perfect options of what to wear.

So without further ado, here are your perfect summer maxi dresses for cruise season and beyond. Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo


It’s time to kick off your summer vacation! Once you load up on the ship and get your bottomless alcohol stickers (priorities) then it’s time to hit the deck in your first Maxi dress (D95142-S18). This high low print dress is the perfect beginning statement piece to your cruise that says I am here to party. This can also be used as a cover up for a cute swimsuit in case you want to visit the pool deck right away or the adults only jacuzzi. Whatever you have planned, this dress will set you up for success. The open airy front allows easy movement and cool air flow for those hot summer days while also maintaining the classy maxi dress look. The flowing sleeves and v-neck suit any body type and will complement a subtle necklace. When cruise life is over, this maxi dress can be used for beach parties, casual day in Laguna shopping with the girls, and of course bottomless mimosa Brunch!

summer maxi dresses


Ok it’s time to take this summer to the next level. First day of on-land adventures begins, which calls for the perfect “on the town” outfit. Whether you are spending the day kayaking, zip-lining, or just relaxing on the beach mai tai in hand, this tropical layered front Maxi dress (DR95367B-I) will get the job done. The knotted front adds an element of a Havana nights vibe and the tropical flower print fits any sunny setting. This flowy front again gives you versatility and freedom to join a spontaneous dance party at the beach bar.

summer maxi dresses


It’s time to class it up a bit. You also need that perfect dress for on-board activities that will work for the comedy club, the upstairs jazz bar, and fancy captain’s dinner. This front slit ruffle Maxi dress (DR95326-I) can be dressed up or dressed down depending on where you are at during the day. The added texture from the ruffles and the dramatic back bring this dress to life. Pair with some stunning heels for a night on the ship you will always remember.

summer maxi dresses


Another excursion day awaits, which calls for versatile and sand friendly style. This Hi Slit Maxi Romper (LP20809-S01) in taupe or black works well with any beach day lounging. It can be used as a cover up or a statement piece all on its own. It’s free flowy style draws you in and says “get to know me” while the off-the-shoulder sleeves add a flirty allure.

long summer dresses


It’s the last day and you have made it through an unforgettable vacation. It’s the day to go out with a bang. This plunging neckline with a tie is the dramatic, “you will remember me” stamp to a well deserved vacation so show it off. The floral print maxi dress (LD42526-S29) with a comfortable waist allows you to dance the last night away in the on-board club without any sense of urgency. Show that new sunkissed skin off with the dramatic back and embrace the last minutes of a carefree vacation.

long summer dresses

Even if the cruise is over these dresses will be your go-to outfit for all your summer activities. From outdoor weddings to all afternoon brunches, the Maxi dress is your partner in crime.