Themed parties are all the rage these days and the perfect outfit is not hard to find. A common party invite calls for 80’s attire, which is cool and all, but haven’t we fixated on that decade long enough? We get it Breakfast Club, you’re rebels. The 90’s deserves it’s share of the spotlight. But let’s not limit ourselves, the party fashion world is our oyster. So if you have ever wondered how to rock 90’s clothing in a chic modern way, look no further. Whether you are reliving the glory days or just inspired by your mom’s closet, we’ve got some ideas for you! Grab your fanny packs ladies, we’re going to a 90’s party!

So here’s the thing, this wonderful decade that we are speaking of has enamored us for years. It has so much going on that it can be hard to nail down a perfect outfit idea. You’ve got shoulder-padded blazers, denim (lots of denim), overalls, jumpsuits, plaid, knee high socks, long grungy t-shirts, flannel, etc. It was the decade for everyone. Each person could find their style and feel confident that it was cool; anything goes kind of attitude. I personally loved stirrup leggings and side knotted tees! But when I’m talking about what to wear to a 90’s party I’m not talking about my childhood wardrobe favs. It’s time to re-define the 90’s look with a sexy modern spin.

The classic 90’s outfit requires colors, patterns, and a unique personality. In the 90’s there was no such thing as a boring outfit! Just find what speaks to you and rock it with confidence. You can be tattered flannel grunge, short skirted crop top, or a bold blazer bombshell. No matter what type of party you are going to, these versatile 90’s outfits will get you noticed. Whether you’re looking for birthday party outfit ideas or a night on the town at a 90’s dance club, you will be sure to impress. Let’s dig in to some truly 90’s inspired gems.

So if you’re like totally whatever about life, this 90’s theme is for you. Channel your inner Alicia Silverstone, and sport this Clueless-esque Mustard blouse (LT13717-CI) with some denim shorts or a skirt. You will look like you just pulled some amazing outfit out of Cher’s tech savvy closet. Pair with hoop earrings and platform tennis shoes for a complete look. This top is the perfect match for a casual dinner out and can be dressed up if the event calls for a classier vibe.

90’s clothing

You can never go wrong with a denim jacket! Denim is the greatest gift the 90’s made popular. It works with almost any outfit and can be used for various occasions. This Oversized Denim Jacket (LT13186-S24) works all year round as a top layer and the criss cross style on the back keeps it interesting! Pair with a cute crop top and high waisted jeans for the iconic 90’s look. But sometimes you just need to be dark and twisty. Dig deep and find your inner Nirvana groupie brooding and nonconformist. For a more grunge look, pair with this Floral Romper (P6236P-I), black tights, and black boots. Also not only is denim back in, but it will work with so many outfits that it will become your favorite item in the closet! Totally rad, right?

90’s clothing90’s clothing

When I think about what to wear to a 90’s party my mind goes immediately to Friends. Who didn’t want to be Rachel Green at some point during the Friend’s saga? You may need to go watch a couple episodes to get inspired and just because. Not only is plaid a traditional 90’s look, but the shorts speaks many languages. Casual, sloppy grunge, classy chic. It works in different settings with sweet but sexy at the forefront. With this Plaid Short(LP21106-S22) paired with a white top, knee high socks, and black boots you can be the perfect Rachel to your Ross.

what to wear to a 90’s party

What’s a party without a jumpsuit? Am I right? Not only was the jumpsuit a common feature on any 90’s sitcom, it is also super comfy! You can dance, you can do the running man, you can do pretty much whatever you want, it’s a jumpsuit. Choose this simple black Jumpsuit (LP21082-S22) for a casual 90’s party on the town and dress it up with cute heels. It’s a classy and simple look that will satisfy any 90’s party requirement. The black color keeps it clean and versatile for many occasions to come. Perfect for being a boss calling the shots at work to a casual weekend out with the girls; suit up!

what to wear to a 90’s party

Of course I save the best for last! This neon Pink Blazer (LT13155-S15) screams Whitney Houston singing her heart out to Kevin Costner (tearing up a bit). Now that “I will always love you” is playing in your head, listen up. Besides paying homage to a queen, you can look super sexy in this bright pink blazer with a cute crop top and jeans. This statement piece will be the outfit of all outfits. This IS the stunner outfit, so use wisely. Be prepared to be the showstopper, the center of attention, the pièce de résistance.

what to wear to a 90’s party

Nothing says 90’s more than style confidence. Whatever party you are prepping for make sure you choose a style that’s you. After all, that’s what the 90’s was all about! You have that unique personality, why not celebrate it and express it. This is your decade, this is your style, and this is your choice. This extends to your hair style as well. Each outfit idea allows for side ponytails, messy grunge hair-in-the-eyes look, and diamond sprinkled messy updos. Also not to alarm you, but puka shells are making a come back so keep that in your back pocket. It’s time to dust off your 90’s dance moves, grab your blazer and fanny pack full of treats, and party like it’s 1999. For more 90’s clothing inspiration, check out Lush’s wholesale boutique clothing. There is no shortage of ideas and designs to fit your specific needs. Whatever you choose, own it and be prepared to have a bomb time.