This winter season, slip into luxe velvet dresses that keep you warm and glam you up as you celebrate the festive season! Velvet has long been associated with fall and winter as it’s a heavy and durable fabric, perfect for the cold months of the year. Velvet’s luscious sheen and rich texture also makes it a fabulous fabric for holiday party outfits. A velvet outfit in stunning red or luxurious burgundy would be very festive indeed!

Here at Lush Clothing, we have lined up some gorgeous picks for your holiday looks. Be a proud Lush girl in a red velvet dress that will surely turn heads at that party! Whether it's about staying cozy by the fire or getting glammed up for a holiday bash, there's a dress that's just right for you. Come see our selection of wholesale dresses for every Lush girl out there.

We also have some style ideas for how to wear your velvet dresses, so you can keep warm while staying fashionable and trendy!

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A velvet dress is already a glamorous outfit by itself. However, you can make it truly stand out by mixing and matching with other outfit pieces. The key to winter dressing is fashionable layering. Play around with textures as you put together your outfit. Remember that the velvet dress should be the primary focus of your outfit, so go for textures that complement and enhance but don’t overpower. The lustrous sheen of velvet is your outfit's most striking feature. Therefore, you should mix and match with fabrics that do not clash with velvet's shine.

Velvet is often associated with glam and glitz, but you can totally dress it down for casual occasions. For a casual day look, layer a cute denim jacket over a sleek velvet dress. Keep your legs warm with some thermal tights or cozy leggings. Finish the look with a pair of ankle boots or trendy sneakers.

In the mood for something warmer? Wear a fluffy knit cardigan over a velvet mini dress, then pair with over-the-knee boots. You can wear tights or leggings under the boots for a bit of extra warmth! Another option is to wear your favorite skinny jeans under a short velvet dress. Classic blue denim skinnies will lend a casual daytime vibe to your overall look, while dark wash or black skinnies would look great for the office or an evening dinner date.

Are you planning to go somewhere after work? For a work-to-party outfit, layer a cardigan or blazer over a velvet dress. Choose a knee-length (or slightly above) dress that resonates with an all-business vibe when worn under a sleek cardigan or fitted blazer. When it's time to go to that special holiday affair, simply shrug off that corporate blazer to reveal your velvet party dress! If it feels too cold without a blazer or cardigan, consider taking a scarf or shawl. Or, you can keep your outerwear on but leave it open at the front to tone down the strict corporate vibe. Wear a trendy statement necklace to help transform your outfit from business to party. Chunky heels or classy ankle boots are footwear that you can take from the office to the dance floor. They also look great with tights or leggings in case you need to wear some to keep warm.

Don’t be afraid to play with colors! Velvet fabrics come in a variety of colors, from rich blues to gorgeous reds. We have to say that red is the ideal color to wear for the holidays, but your style is, of course, always your own. Festive and bold, a red velvet dress is the perfect outfit for those special holiday celebrations!

Quick tip: velvet and lace is always an elegant combination, so try a velvet dress or top-and-bottom outfit with lovely lace trims and details.

Wearing a velvet dress over a different piece of clothing is another awesome layering technique. This can go hand-in-hand with our color suggestion above too. Having the dress as your top layer allows you to showcase the rich hues and textures that velvet is known for. For instance, you can wear a sleeveless velvet tunic dress over a neutral-colored, long-sleeved turtleneck. A classic white button-down worn under a sleeveless red velvet dress will give you an elegantly feminine aura.

Channel some vintage inspirations and choose a blouse or top with nostalgic ruffles or a sweet peter pan collar.
Here's something to consider—if you want something cozy and comfortable but not too dressy, why not try a romper? A classy velvet romper looks and feels like a dress, and it's something you can easily take from casual to glam. Pair it with sexy heels and layer a chic blazer over it, and you're all set for a holiday party or dinner date!

velvet dressesvelvet dressesvelvet dresses

Last but not least, let's talk accessories. When you're wearing velvet, you don't really want to go over the top with accessories. A simple belt in a neutral color looks great on red velvet. If you're already wearing a belt, opt for classic jewelry like a chain necklace or bracelet. Don't go for something too flashy and let the velvet fabric be the center of your outfit. Depending on the style of your dress, get rid of the belt and just go for a statement necklace.


If you have chosen to invest in a new piece of velvet clothing, we simply cannot let you go without sharing a few useful velvet-care tips. We know your dresses mean a lot to you, and how important it is to make a good piece of clothing last. Velvet weave fabric is oh-so-luxurious, and because of that it needs extra care!

  • 1) Always read the label. This should be standard practice for every new piece of clothing you acquire. Clothing labels contain important care instructions. Different types of velvet may have special instructions for washing and cleaning, so don’t forget to read the label!
  • 2) Never iron a velvet dress. Ironing can ruin the pile yarns that give your velvet dress its lush texture.
  • 3) When in doubt, dry clean! If you don’t have the care instructions for your dress, dry cleaning is always your safest bet. Take your dress to a professional dry cleaner. Don’t attempt to clean it yourself if you’re afraid it might get ruined.
  • 4) If your velvet dress has been stained and you can’t go to the dry cleaners for some reason, soap and water can help. Dip a soft cloth into warm, sudsy water and gently dab the suds onto the stain to lift it. Use a mild dishwashing soap rather than laundry detergent, and don’t use commercial stain removers. These typically have strong chemicals that can ruin the velvet.
  • 5) You can get rid of dust on velvet with a hair brush, but make sure it has soft bristles. Brush gently!