Summer is the season we all look forward to because it means the longest nights, warm sunny days, cute outfits, and getting to go on vacation! If you’re headed on a cruise this summer, packing the right clothes is essential. Of course, you’ll want to be comfortable and practical, but looking fabulous is important too. After all, snapping vacation photos to cherish as memories and look to for inspiration when the weather is drab is a big part of the experience. Plus, getting a new profile picture doesn’t hurt either. If you’ve had your eye on a new piece for your wardrobe, an upcoming vacation is the perfect excuse to treat yourself. If you’re counting the days til your ship departs, whether it’s to a caribbean island or the Croatian coast, we’ve got a rundown on some essential outfits you’ll want to be sure are in your suitcase. Read on for inspiration for what to wear on a cruise!


Carefree Daytime Look: Romper

This mustard colored romper with eyelet embroidery is a perfect casual daytime look for onboard activities and sightseeing. The sleeveless cut will ensure you’ll stay cool while working on your tan as you stroll around exotic cities and towns. Rompers are ideal for cruises as the open seas can be a bit windy, which means short dresses aren’t always the best choice. The idea of a vacation romance is appealing, but a wardrobe malfunction is probably not the best way to attract attention from cruise ship cuties. With slightly more sophisticated styling, this romper can work for evenings out too. The cruising vibe tends to be fairly laid back, so you really can’t go wrong.

Knit Tank and Floral Pants

Casual Evening Look: Knit Tank and Floral Pants

These ruffled floral print pants absolutely scream vacation chic. Combined with the tie-back knit tank, this ensemble is just the right look for relaxed dinner and drinks, possibly followed by dancing. This is an ideal choice if you’re headed on a cruise to the Yucatan peninsula or the caribbean. It’s not too formal, so this is definitely an outfit that can go from day to night with ease. The top also works with high waisted shorts for an even more casual look, so it’s a great versatile basic to throw in your suitcase. Again, we’re loving luxurious pants over skirts or dresses because they’re just simply more practical and comfortable for going on a cruise.

Crepe Dress

Formal Look: Crepe Dress

While most of the time it’s acceptable to be quite casual while you’re on a cruise vacation, an occasion might call for dressing up to look your best. A long crepe dress is a lovely option for when you want to look soft and feminine. Flirty and ethereal, a dress like this floral maxi is a great example of what to wear on a cruise when you want to look dressy up but still stay easy and breezy. This look can pair with a long kimono or oversized button up and sandals to dress it down slightly, but still works when you want to look glam for a special occasion.

Swim Cover Up

Essential Item: Swim Cover Up

If there’s one item you absolutely must bring on a cruise, it’s a long kimono style swim cover up. In fact, this is something you should bring a few of, if possible. A long sheer embroidered cover up worn over a bathing suit is the height of luxury, whether you’re relaxing by the pool or imbibing at a beachside bar. This is also a great piece for adding some class to a romper or shorts and tank top outfit when you want to dress up a little. If space allows, we’d pack at least one elegant cover up, like the one pictured, and one that provides a little more sun protection (or warmth for chilly evenings) but might not be quite as beautiful.


Besides a few swimsuits, a big floppy hat, a few pairs of sunglasses, and a good book are all essentials. When you’re lounging on deck, you’ll want to be sure to protect yourself from the sun and have an activity to complement sipping cocktails and dipping in the pool. A silk scarf can also be a useful item to bring along, or buy as a souvenir at one of your destinations. We’d also recommend a good pair of sturdy shoes, as you’ll most likely be doing a lot of walking when the ship is in port at various destinations. You might not be planning on any serious hiking, but it’s always better to be prepared in case you suddenly feel the call of the wild. You’ll also want to make sure you have a few bag options. A mini backpack with secure fastenings is great for sightseeing on foot, but a simple tote will serve you well when you’re going to the beach. Of course, it’s likely you’ll have the option to pick up a few new exotic accessories as souvenirs!

Remember to research the destinations beforehand, if you’re headed to somewhere like Morocco, you’ll want to be a little more conservative. If you’re headed to Southeast Asia and planning on visiting temples or sacred sights, you may be required to dress very modestly. Overall, when planning what to wear on a cruise, you’ll want to make sure you have comfortable and versatile items. Of course, we’re also all for being a little decadent and bringing something you feel totally fabulous in, even if it’s not the most practical. To stock travel ready pieces, from wholesale dresses to rompers, Lush Clothing has a selection of breezy looks for the summer. Happy travels!