The ultimate chic look this fall is to rock your favourite pair of leggings and a nice pair of heels. Dress it up with some jewellery and a new top and you’re ready to hit the streets. Whilst looking good is important, feeling good is the main element to your whole outfit and that’s why it is important to know how to wear leggings. There is a common misconception within the fashion industry that people only wear them for either comfort or because they’re cheap, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Leggings are a piece of clothing you can wear and should feel confident in, they’re great for the winter and fall time when the weather gets colder as they can be layered and putting on some thick woollen socks on top gives a very edgy vibe to the whole outfit. However, you’re probably thinking about what to wear with leggings, you can’t just simply put anything on. Except, if it’s fashionable and good quality then you probably can.

Whether you decide to pair your leggings with long tunic shirts or you’re more of an over-sized sweater type of gal, that’s ok. There is definitely a style out there that will suit you and your fashion choice. We’ve put together a list of the best and most beautiful clothing you can put with your leggings this fall, even if you don’t normally get to wear them, it’s worth a go and you never know, you might like them! After all, they’re one of the most popular clothing items available right now.

  • Off-the-Shoulder Top

    Off-the-Shoulder Top

    If you’re someone who likes to look like they’ve made an effort when there has been very minimal then this style of top will go perfectly with your leggings. Red is the color of this season so if you want to go for one that is red then that would look amazing (plus red and black go hand in hand!) Off-the-shoulder tops are ideal for those casual shopping days but can be dressed up with some heels and a necklace for nights out with the girls. Chockers also go extremely well with this style of top. How to wear leggings with this style of top is easy, simply just pick a style you love and put them on. If these tops aren’t your style then you don’t have to try them, they’re just fashionable right now. Let’s face it, leggings are a girls best friend and so are off-the-shoulder tops!

  • A Casual Blazer

    A Casual Blazer

    Leaning towards the more formal size of what to wear with leggings is the classic blazer. Whilst blazers started out as a men’s clothing item they’re quickly became a unisex item that many people wear as office wear. The name derived from a ship named the HMS blazer and the military wore them before they became popular with the upper classes and then eventually everyone was wearing them. There is a common misconception that they’re sole purpose is to wear for the office but in the last few years that’s been proven wrong. So many fashion designs and brands are coming out with more casual blazers that would suit any occasion. A night out with the girls might be on the cards, putting on your trusty blazer and some leggings means you’ll be able to stay warm throughout the night and dance the night away looking the best you ever have. Typically, people go for natural colors such as nudes, pinks, and greys whilst there are white and black colored blazers out there. They’re so ideal if you don’t want to wear a jacket but you still need to stay wrapped up. They bring a sense of elegance and edginess to your whole outfit. Some might even say it’s the best way how to wear leggings, and we wouldn’t disagree.

  • Over-Sized Sweaters

    Over-Sized Sweaters

    For the colder months you might want to pair your wonderful leggings with an over-sized sweater, they’re totally in fashion right now (so is over-sized everything though!) and the look really good. When you’re wrapping up with your big coat, scarf, hat and boots the leggings will be able to add an extra bit of warmth (try out the leggings that are fur lined). It doesn’t really matter what color of sweater you go for as if you’re wearing black leggings, any color will do. Even though red and pink are big colors this fall, we’d suggest staying neutral with your sweaters as you don’t want them to be too bold and bright. Grey and nude are popular colors with a lot of high-street brands and designers. You might not really love over-sized clothing items but when the days start getting colder and you need a big, thick jumper to keep you warm then you’re going to be thanking us for introducing you to the world of over-sizing.  

  • Long Tunics Shirts

    Long Tunics Shirts

    These are perfect if you love strutting your stuff and looking classy at the same time. They’re the ultimate partner to your leggings and you know that if you wear it out you’re going to look and feel great. Rustic orange colors might be your go to for long tunic tops to wear with leggings as they personify the meaning of fall. These kinds of colors are those which I associate with fall and it’s everything I love about it. The length of the shirt means you will feel comfortable even if you don’t normally wear leggings and the fit is perfect if you don’t want something that clings to your every curve. Long sleeves will be a life-saver during the colder months, so you’ve got to make sure your wardrobe is fully stocked with everything you want and need. Leggings are definitely diverse enough that you can rock them as just any normal women’s pants, and you’ll feel good. Long tunic tops for leggings look good for those casual days or even if you’re going out for a meal. Date night might be on the cards with your new purchase anyway! Don’t forget your trusty leggings to go with it.